Problem of the Day


Monday March 8

Two Jr. Iditarod mushers have a total of seventeen necklines.  One has five more than the other.  How many necklines do each have.

Tuesday March 9

DeeDee, Lyn and Joy ran a sprint race with only six dogs each.  Joy's time was faster than Lyn's time, but Joy did not win.  Who won the race? Who came in last?

Wednesday March 10

Sam must be in Wasilla with his dogs for the vet check by 8:15 a.m. It takes him 3 hours and 10 minutes to get to Wasilla from his home.  What time should Sam Leave his home to arrive in Wasilla on time?

Thursday March 11

Six mushers met each other at the muscher's banquet.  If they each shake hands one time with every other person, how many handshakes will there be.

Friday March 12

Four dogs had their own sleds in a sled dog race.  The dogs' names were Bandit, Pepsi, M&M, and Paws.  Paws finished the race before Pepsi, but behind Bandit.  M&M did not win, but she beat Pepsi and Paws, Give the order of their finish.

Monday March 15

Each team has sixteen dogs and there are eighty-seven teams, how many dogs will leave Anchorage?

Tuesday March 16

In the morning the temperature was -28 degrees F.  By noon it was -50 degrees F., but by 2:00 the temperature was 31 degrees F.  How many degrees did the temperature rise during the day? 

Monday March 22

Carol buys seventeen bags of dog food.  She can fit three bags into her cart at one time.  How many cart loads does she have?

Tuesday March 23

There are seven white huskies, four gray huskies and five black huskies on Jenna's sled dog team.  What fraction of the team is black?

Wednesday March 24


Thursday March 25

Friday March 26