why cant he understand that we dont go no more to give him


the sitter had to sing im a little teapot before suzie wood go to bed


him and me was paid fifteen dollars for the work we done
we dont got room for no more pets explained mother



 why did you eat them chips dip and olives so close to lunch time



have you drew a animal on the mural yet




 we aint got time now but well stop by this afternoon



yes you can borrow my car but you must return it by 1100 pm







 a alligator caused a fright win it escaped from the bronx zoo



the reporter ask do ewe plan to run for re-election mr president




the house shaked dishes rattled and the dog howled it was a earthquake



shes calling her friend jaimie to see if he am ready to go




rita found her favorite book island of the blue dolphins on a discount table
her and i are spending tonight at camilles mountain cabin




the symphony begun at 700 and ended at 1030
there dad has a new job so they has to move to atlanta georgia next month



isaac broke the window but it was a accident he payed to have it fixed
the teams can begun to play as soon as the referees whistle is blowed




while i was gone my puppy ate my cookies but she left my milk
do you wanna go to the movies or wood you rather go bowling




the first long book i ever read was ramona the pest by beverly cleary
mr lundbergs class planted a oak tree along the walking trail on arbor day



before going to wok mrs bingham jogged around el estero park for times
on aug 14 dr agosto became head veterinarian at the san diego zoo




you may have a apple or a orange but you cant have both
me and my sister gots to stay with ms papi while are parents are in germany



latoyas birthday is on christmas day but she celebrates it on dec 26
while most birds can flew kiwis penquins and ostriches cannot




 come hear zoe and help mrs aiello cary in them groceries



has you ever herd david taylor jr speak





a elephant was marching down main street wearing a sign advertising ringling brothers circus
the sidewalk was crowded as pedestrians was hurry to work to shop and to appointments