Lesson Plan 3

Title: Grandparent Poem

By: Danelle Keninger

Grade Level: 5th





Activity: First review with the class several different kinds of poems and the various parts of poems.  Show examples of many different kinds of poems allowing students to take turns reading the poems out loud. Decide what kind of poem you are going to write, maybe you want to write a Haiku or write a rhyming poem, remember you can do whatever kind you wish.  Next brainstorm about the grandparent you chose to interview and think of qualities that you like about your grandparent or characteristics that make your grandparent special. Write a rough draft of your poem and then have a peer proofread your poem.  Finally after the teacher has check over the poem you can type your poem in word, be creative, change the font add pictures, etc.

Objectives: This activity will allow the students to be very creative, but also incorporate language arts skills.  This lesson will teach the students about reading and writing many different kinds of poetry along with peer editing and using the computer to publish a final copy. The poems will also be published in the grandparent book with the essays the students wrote about their grandparent.