Lesson 2

Title: Family Tree

By: Danelle Keninger

Grade Level: 5th





poster board

Markers/ Crayons


Activity:  While working with a grandparent and parents each student will make a family tree going back as far as they can.  As a class I will show the students an example of my family tree explaining how to start, I will also encourage students to bring in older family pictures to use on their family tree.  For those students that may be adopted I would encourage them to complete the project, but using their adopted family.

Objectives:  This activity has students working with family members to learn about family history and family origin, students may learn that their great-great grandfather was from Germany or that their mother was born in a different country while their grandfather was stationed their in the army.  This project also gives students the opportunity to be a bit creative when designing their family tree.


Family Tree