Title:  Learn From Your Grandparent

By: Danelle Keninger

Grade Level: 5th

Materials: Grandparent or older friend of the family

Old Picture





Activity:  Begin by discussing important events in history, talk about things that have happened while you were alive and things that happened in history in which your grandparents may have remembered, such things may include the Vietnam war or  JFK's assassination.  Have the students think about a grandparent or older friend of the family they would like to interview.  In small groups have the students come up with a list of several questions they would like to ask their grandparent about history in an interview. These questions can include things about historical events and even questions like how much did a gallon of gas cost when you were growing up. Discuss with your class how to conduct an interview and practice simple interview skills. Have students set up a time to interview their grandparent or friend and then conduct the interview, reminding them to gather enough information to write a short paper about their grandparent. Also encourage the class to take this time to get to know their grandparents. They can learn a lot from their grandparent.


Objectives:  This activity will give my students an excellent opportunity to not only learn about history before they were born, but also learn more about their grandparents.  Students will also gain interviewing skills and get the opportunity to write a paper about their grandparent.  Students can also learn how to scan pictures of their grandparents to put with their paper, which we will later publish is a class book.