most of my friends like to play video games but rafik and me prefer chess
rebecca can you come selling on our boat saturday were going at 600 am


dr lee the pediatrician is always very gentle as she treats her young patience
why is less stella and corrine digging up them bushes in there back yard



carlos lended his basketball to roberto and i we returned it after practice
the teams uniforms was filthy after playing on that muddy field the players was dirty to



mosquitos crickets and the howling of a wolf kept the campers awoke most of the night
why do i always have to give kiki a bath mother complained aaron





because there was so many people we had to take to taxis
did they arrive in time to catch the plane inquired tomas yes the just made it ralph replied



im sorry he dont like the present i gave him
if this plan dont work well have to start all over agin





its naomis turn to lit the candles for hanukkah
hour town has a big parade on july 4 to celebrate independence day



her and otto has gone to male a package to grandma rosie
was your there when we sung yankee doodle in  the school a pagent




mr watkins the custodian moved them students desks when he cleaned the room
my niece is gonna get married on sept 13 2006




skagway yukon territory is a interesting town to visit
our librarian mr talbot gave a book talk on the slave dancer




once the rain stopped phillip jack and me went to the park
ruth knitted a pear of slippers for mrs gee her neigbor





mother red the wall street journal before she goed to work
during the earthquake they feeled the floor shook under there feet




i dont have nothing to put in the yard ail complained john
we seen dr chin in new orleans when we was on vacation




me and tom have three pets and they is all dogs
is anyone still needs a costume they can get won from the closet





uncle franks garden contained onions eggplants and zucchini last year
we has  drove to san francisco often our grandparents live their




stevens little sister lays down for a nap every day
the novel oliver twist was wrote buy charles dickens