matt walked nervous to the plate knowing his team would loose the game if he striked out


boy we was sure tired after climbing to the top of pikes peak



 sherry need a new break on her motorcycle before shell be able to race


theys dog gots mud in his fir from rolling in a mud puddle




them kids all choosed hatchet as theyre favorite literature book



anita dont know how to play the star spangled banner yet





after he gived hi dog a bath carlos was so wet and dirty he taked one hisself




why doesnt you come over four homemade ice cream said mr choi


miguel pablo and carlotta is going to mexico for christmas



dont walk threw them mud puddles in your good shoes




 lets meat at the park four a picnic



put that down write now and dont took it again



if we leave now she said well be right on time



do you have dear mr henshaw alice ask the clerk



 they got a serious problem can you helped them solve it




im happy kenny to see youve cleaned up your mess







im reading one chapter o ftom swyer every night before i go to bed


every saturday morning at 900 my little brother watches muppet babies




 we read articles for newsweek time and the daily herald for are report




is the nile the longest river in africa garth wanted to no



did you see the lost kingdom on television last knight



there was a large potwhole in the rode but i swerved and mist it







dr roth our veterinarian told us to handle the hamster babys with care



is we supposed to read across the plains or mountain trek in our history books






did you read the article called kayaking in alaska in geographic world magazine


rev murphy their minister has worked in churches in australia guatemala and sri lanka




 angie said paul what is the answer to this riddle



stans cat ollie clumb all over the furniture then he tryed to catch the goldfish




if i put things away i wont be able to find anything complained herbert


very well said jose ill race you an i will win






millie red snow white and the seven dwarfs to her niece



peel the potatoes put them in a pot add water and cook them until they are soft







after it rang four times capt ruiz finally answered his phone


hour trip will last from may 29 1998 until aug 29 1998





after working for ate hours george and tyrone was exhausted



dad taked both familys to pizza palace after the movie






to be successful you gotta work really hard


 ms thomas his secretary is on vacation in tampa florida







prof tanaka has forgot hes giving a tecture tomorrow at 830


 does your brothers get along very good