Underground Railroad Scavenger Hunt 

The Underground Railroad was not a railroad at all. It was a network of Americans, both black and white, dedicated to destroying the institution of slavery by helping slaves escape to freedom.  This scavenger hunt will teach you more about the Underground railroad before reading “The Long Path to Freedom” from The Story of Harriet Tubman by Kate McMullan.


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1. What was Harriet Tubman’s code name or nickname?



2. In what state will you find friends who will help you on your road to freedom?



3. What is a symbol for a safe house?




4. What did Harriet tell the slaves to do to get to freedom?




5. Who was the businessman that worked on the Underground Railroad for almost 40 years?




6. What is the name of the first free state you enter that you can breath “free air”?




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7.  During what years was the underground railroad at it’s peak?



8. Complete this sentence “The Underground Railroad was the most dramatic protest against_____________________________




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9.  Where most runaways men or women and what ages did they range from?




10.  Who was  an abolitionist, writer and orator?




11.  List 2 historical sites relating to the Underground Railroad.






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Find three more interesting facts you learned about the underground railroad.  (These can not be already answered in the scavenger hunt.)