Title:   The Solar System

        Grade level: 4th    

Description of Unit: Fourth graders will spend two weeks learning the Solar System.  In these two weeks, the students will study many different areas of space and the planets.  Some of the ideas and concepts the students will concentrate on are the earth’s rotation, earth’s revolution, phases of the moon, planets of the solar system, how the planets move, and other objects movement through the solar system.  In this two-week unit, we will study on all of these different areas.  The students will learn by cooperative learning, direct instruction, and many other strategies of teaching.  This unit will be educational and fun for the students.  The students will use Internet websites, textbooks, and also handouts in addition to other forms of assessment and learning.  When the students are finished with this unit, they will have a basic understanding of the solar system, and  they will know basic facts concerning rotation, revolution, phases of the moon, etc.

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