As a future educator I have learned many different aspects of teaching in my classes at DSU.  As a teacher I want to have my students walk away from class each day feeling confident in themselves and their knowledge on the particular subject taught in class.  I have learned about various philosophers and methods of teaching through my education and this information and knowledge with help provide a base for my teaching.

            In general I feel that there are many different types of learners, not all students learn in the same manner.  I have learned through my special education classes various ways to help students with difficulties better understand the concept being taught.  I agree with Howard Gardnerís theory of multiple intelligences.  Gardner believes there are eight different intelligences and that most people learn in one of these manners.  These areas are: musical, bodily kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and through the arts.   In my classroom I want to use several methods of teaching so that all students can grasp the concept at hand.  I plan on using visual aids, technology, hands on tasks, group work, individual work and many other methods in which I learned.  I feel by using various methods of instruction each and every student can understand the lesson and hopefully walk away with confidence in that particular area.

            Throughout school I had many teachers who just lectured to the students and then gave the class a homework assignment.  I do not want my class to be like this I feel there a several different ways for students to learn and by using various teaching methods in your classroom the students will be better educated and had a eagerness to learn and go to school.  I do not want to be the teacher who bored the class to sleep and the students donít learn anything.  I want to incorporated current events, social standards and morals into my classroom.  I think that students need to understand about the world around them and be able to combine social skills with their schoolwork. 

     .I definitely know that it will be hard to try to teach to every single learning style in the classroom, but in the long run the end results will be positive.     It is my wish that students will walk away from my class with knowledge and the ability to retain this information.  This goes beyond just being able to pass the test, but actually learning something.  I believe that students learn in many different ways and if the classroom teacher is willing to make changes in the classroom and the teaching techniques the teacher can be very successful.  These adaptations or changes can be done in many different ways including the use of technology, adapting to different exceptionalities and learning styles.  I not only want my class to learn but to have a positive experience with school.  I feel that my education at Dakota State University has been a positive influence in my life and helped me become the best person and future teacher I can be.  I want to be a positive influence on both my peers and my students.  By hard work, love, and desire I can enjoy my job and educate the future of our country.