Field Experience

I ESPY 302 TRI- Valley
I observed in a third grade classroom.  My duties including working with small groups of students on homework they were behind on and also tutoring students in subjects they needed extra assistance with.  I was able to help the teacher grade papers, and organize some of her materials for lessons. I mainly worked with one particular student who had difficulty with reading and was behind on their read a million minutes.  I took the child to a study room and read aloud to the student and had the student read to me.  We would then discuss the book and what we liked/ disliked and sequencing of events.
I EDFN 338 Howard
I observed in a first grade classroom.  My duties including making copies and laminating materials for the classroom.  I also helped the teacher organize materials for upcoming lessons.  I walked around the room and helped students with their assignments and worked with students in small groups on assignments they were having difficulty with.  I also worked with reading groups on their reading assignments and had the class read to me.  I also got to work with the whole class on a reading lesson the teacher had prepared.
I SPED 230 Howard
My observation took place in the same classroom as above and the duties included much of the same work.  I was also able to work with a special ed student by tutoring the student in reading and math.
II PSYC 328 Sioux Falls
For this particular field experience I worked at an after school program in Sioux Falls.  I was involved in a variety of activities including interacting with middle school students, monitoring student behavior, and leading student activity.  As a part of this field experience I also had to help set up and clean up for the day. I was able to work with many different students of various cultures and backgrounds along with students of different academic levels.  This experience was very interesting because I interacted with students which English was their second language.  I was able to learn a lot about the students and their struggles with the language barrier and how school was often difficult for them because of this barrier. 
  II ELED 352 Madison
For this field experience I was placed in a small class with three other DSU students.  Each week the DSU students would write a lesson on using different reading books and teach the lesson to the class.  Each DSU student was put in a small group with three students and I would go over the story and work with the students on various things, such as comprehension and using their imagination in rewriting the story in their own words or making pictures of the characters and so on.  I would also have my students re-read parts of the book to me.  Each lesson used different teaching methods and was followed up by a hands on activity for the students.    
II MUS 353 Madison
I observed in various levels of elementary music classes.  I followed along with the students as they sang and learned the different music lessons.  I also taught a music lesson to the kindergarten class about song endings, line endings and how the music ends.  I enjoyed working with the young students and was excited to see how much they enjoyed music class. 
II SPED 360 TRI- Valley
For this class I was placed in a second grade class in TRI-valley.  My duties included helping a child with autism and helping the other students in the class who had difficulties.  I worked one on one with several of the children with their reading and math along with going to the special education room and observing there for a day.  I taught a thanksgiving lesson, I read the class a book and they constructed turkeys out of construction paper and wrote what they were thankful for.  I had each student show the class their turkey and tell what they would like to eat at thanksgiving if they could have anything to eat.  My duties included checking papers, aiding students, and teaching a lesson.   
II ED 340 Madison
My field experience was with four other college students.  Our job was to teach one lesson each week about a different language arts concept.  Each day we taught a lesson and had the students work on a project/ assignment.  We wrote the students homework on the board as a reminder of what to do for the next week.  Each week we had to evaluate our students and grade their assignments.  We worked with the students on writing a short story, poems, using their senses to describe on their stories and also brought the class to the computer lab for a online cyber hunt.    
II ED 360 Madison
My field experience for this class was to work with the head start each week  a small group of college kids would teach a lesson on an assigned topic.  The rest of the class would aid with the kids.  I taught two lessons and worked to get the all of the kids involved.  I was able to understand how you need to teach lessons differently to younger kids and make adaptations for their age.  
II ARTE 310 Madison
For this field experience myself and two other classmates were placed in a third grade classroom in Madison. The three of us developed a lesson consisting of various art vocabulary words, we taught the class the terms using visual aids as helpers and gave the students a study sheet to learn before the next class.  For the next part of the lesson we took the students down to the art studio in town.  The students had to tell how some of the vocabulary words were displayed in the art work they saw.


LIBM 205

Iowa Falls, IA/ Ackley, IA

For this class I was required to go to preschool story hour several times at first just observing what was being done and then read along with the children and read several stories to the kids. I also went to Ackley and observed in the kindergarten room while the teacher taught reading and did several reading lessons a group of three of us taught a lesson to the class, we read a book and did a art project with it.       
II ED 380 NA
For this field experience I had to conduct an interview with a parent who has a child with a disability.  This was a great learning experience.  I was better able to understand parents feelings on their child's education along with their hopes and dreams.  I was also able to hear about the many difficulties this parent experienced with their child's education.  As a follow up I had to write a story about the parent and child posting the information on my web page, keeping all the names confidential .
II ESPY 327 Iowa Falls, IA
I transferred this class for a different school and the only field experience required was to go to the local school and observe some classes along with talking to parents of children and write a paper on the developmental changes the children go through. 
II SPED 320  
The requirements for this field experience was to test five students all of various ages using five different assessment tools.  At first this was difficult, not only finding the students to meet the various qualifications and being sure this testing would not conflict with later testing. I'm glad I became better acquainted with the different testing tools and feel a lot more comfortable using the tools again.   
II SPED 460 Castlewood
For this field experience I went to a small early childhood special education classroom.  This was a small class with only 7 students all of various ages.  My duties included working one on one with several of the students.   And helping the teachers with lessons.  I was also able to go to the high school special education class and work with a couple of the students.  I learned a lot from this and enjoyed the experience of working with students whose specials needs ranged from moderate to severe.   
II SPED 466  
No field experience required.
II SPED 465 Sioux Falls
For this field experience the whole class went to Sioux Falls and worked with and English as a second language group of students.  This was part of their after school program. I was paired up with two students and taught the students  how to make web pages.  Which included graphics, scanning, taking pictures with  the digital camera, and using the internet.   The students really enjoyed making their own web page and also looking at the DSU student's pages.  By the end of the field experience some of the students were able to insert their own graphics, make links and jazz up their personal web page with out any aid for the DSU students.  I really enjoyed this field experience I had the opportunity to learn about several kids countries cultures and many other interesting facts.  I will  remember this field experience in the future and was very lucky to have this experience.