Field Experience

I ESPY 302 TRI- Valley
I observed in a third grade classroom.  My duties including working with small groups of students on homework they were behind on and also tutoring students in subjects they needed extra assistance with.  I was able to help the teacher grade papers, and organize some of her materials for lessons. I mainly worked with one particular student who had difficulty with reading and was behind on their read a million minutes.  I took the child to a study room and read aloud to the student and had the student read to me.  We would then discuss the book and what we liked/ disliked and sequencing of events.
I EDFN 338 Howard
I observed in a first grade classroom.  My duties including making copies and laminating materials for the classroom.  I also helped the teacher organize materials for upcoming lessons.  I walked around the room and helped students with their assignments and worked with students in small groups on assignments they were having difficulty with.  I also worked with reading groups on their reading assignments and had the class read to me.  I also got to work with the whole class on a reading lesson the teacher had prepared.
I SPED 230 Howard
My observation took place in the same classroom as above and the duties included much of the same work.  I was also able to work with a special ed student by tutoring the student in reading and math.