Community Service

    For my community service requirement I volunteered at ECCO (Every Citizen Counts Organization).  I felt this was a worth while experience especially because of my major.  This was one of the best experience I have had in my life and made it clear in my mind that I was going into the correct profession.  I was able to help with several activities with the clients including grocery shopping, going to movies, out to dinner and help the clients prepare their own meals at home.  Along with watching videos, playing video games, and making crafts with the individuals.  This experience helped me better understand what ECCO was about and how it actually worked.

    I benefited from my community service experience because I think I became more knowledgeable in my field of study and learned more about what ECCO is and the purpose it serves.  I was trusted to take the individuals to meals and to movies with no employee present I thought this was a great honor, not only because I was not an employee but the individuals were comfortable with me to listen and enjoy their night out with someone new.    I really enjoyed this opportunity and still go down tot the ECCO house I worked at and do things with the clients. This past Christmas I went to the ECCO Christmas party with one of the employees and had a great time dancing with several of the clients.  I still enjoy going and visiting the clients I worked with during my community service requirements.   

    I feel very lucky and privileged to have been able to do such a fulfilling community service requirement.  Everyday after I left I felt better about myself and was anxious to go back to visit.  I realize the struggles the clients have in life, yet each and everyday they enjoy life and I admire the mentally challenged and hope as a future Special Education teacher I can make a influence on my students life, and future like others have done with the clients I worked with during my community service.