Dakota State University
College of Education  


Name:  Danelle Keninger
Grade Level: 
pre k- k
School:  Head start Madison
Time:  11:00

Background,  Context, and Purpose 
Lesson Goal(s)
(curriculum/standards based)

 Students will be introduced to kicking and various ways to approach kicking. The students will understand the fundamentals of kicking and be able to kick several balls. 

Lesson Objectives 
(measurable performance)

The students will be able to kick a stationary ball and a moving ball at large and small targets.  

The students will be able to practice the correct kicking form and improve on their skills.

Materials Needed:

 several large and small balls, cones, boxes, or other stationary objects

A.  The Lesson 
1.  Introduction  (getting attention,  relating to past experience and/or     knowledge, creating a need to know, sharing objective, in general terms)

I will begin by showing the students how to kick a stationary ball, emphasizing to kick with the laces not the toe of your shoe.  I will show how to kick a stationary ball and a moving ball along with talking about the various sports where kicking is used.

2.  Methods (include adaptations and extensions for different needs of learners) 

  The kids will partner up and have one student hold the ball in place and the other kick the ball.

First the class will warm up by running, skipping, galloping in the gym/ yard, next the class will kick a stationary ball at a wall, cone, or box.  The class will then move on to kick a moving ball at the same object.  I will set up several goals in the class and the students will try to kick the ball into the goal, both stationary ball and moving ball.  I will blow a whistle and the students will kick the ball at the goal and when whistle is blown again students will stand quietly waiting for next whistle blow. 


 3.  Closure (providing students with opportunities to reflect and express what they are learning)

 I will review with the students the different ways of kicking and what part of the foot the students should kick with.  Along with the sports kicking is used in.  

B. Assessments Used
(in introduction, lesson development, or summative assessment)

Visual assessment, how well the students listened, followed directions and form of kicking the ball.

C. Extensions

(ideas for enrichment and/or adaptations)

 Have kids in small groups instead of pairs and the kids can kick the ball to each other in a circle.

D.  Resources

(a bibliography listing works which might be consulted for additional information)



 I felt this lesson went really well the kids cooperated well and listened to instructions. The students seemed to really enjoy kicking and the activity's we did with kicking. As a follow up the class could play kick ball or other kicking games.   I felt the students learned how to kick a stationary and moving ball and with a little practice there could be some future soccer players in the class.