Name:  DanelleKeninger

Grade:  7th SPED

School:  DSU

Date:  Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Time:  2:00

 Lesson Goal: Ryan will compliment others and receive compliments correctly.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Ryan will give compliments to others when he receives a compliment 90% of the time.
  2. Ryan will compliment his peers on their work and appearance 90% of the time.
  3. When a student compliments Ryan on his appearance he will smile and say thank you 90% of the time.

 Materials Needed: Compliments and Conversation

Introduction: Ryan, remember how nice it is when someone gives you a compliment? What is something you can say to compliment others?  When should you give compliments?  Do you think this will help you make friends?  Why?


  1.  I will assess Ryan’s ability to give compliments and praise by using a frequency recording method during recess.
  2. I will explain the rational to Ryan for social skills and making friends at school.
  3. I will model for Ryan how to receive compliments from others and in return give compliments. 
  4. I will prompt Ryan for his responses in the resource room with the help of Mrs. Smith (TA) with fading.
  5. I will rehearse the scenarios with Ryan in the resource room until he responds with 90% accuracy.
  6. I will use shaping in teaching the correct response to prompts with fading.
  7. I will take Ryan to recess and let the natural prompts take place with fading.
  8. I will engineer interactions and feedback for Ryan from students, staff and parents with fading.
  9. I will give immediate corrective feedback to Ryan when he responds with fading
  10. I will teach Ryan to use the same techniques in different scenarios and settings.

 Closure:  When Ryan has demonstrated his ability to give compliments and receive compliments at recess, I will arrange for him to rejoin recess.  Ryan will continually demonstrate his ability to function successfully in the mainstream school setting.  When Ryan has successfully demonstrated his skills with out prompts, I will introduce another skill.

 Assessment Used:  I will continually use a frequency recording device to monitor Ryan’s response to school interactions.  I will consider him successful when he responds appropriately 90% of the time.

 Modifications:  I may need to start each day with a pep talk and review for Ryan in the resource room before he heads to the to the natural setting in the school.  I may need to reinforce his success if he fails to practice the concepts.

 Extensions: I may be able to add having Ryan praise adults and himself if he becomes successful and comfortable with this situation.